Laura Geller

31 Shades Eye Shadow Collection

Size Guide

31 Shades Eye Shadow Collection :. 31x 0.4g/0.01oz Eyeshadow (Marble, Dolce, Frosting, Plum, Grey, Truffle, Purple, Rasin, Berry Tart, Blue, Candy, Mahogany, Blueberry, Rose Quartz, Sunrise, Licorice, Blue Raspberry, Macaron, Charcoal, bronze, Beige, Graphite, Forest, Silver, Amethyst, Khaki, Cream, Dark Purple, Chai Latte , Lychee Rose, Taupe). Each shade can be worn alone or combined for a customized look. Gives endless makeup effects to suit any mood occasion. Lightweight effortlessly glides on.

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